With the advent of speech recognition and its democratization with voice assistants, new uses have emerged. These new habits, driven by the advantages of this new human-machine interface, have profoundly rethought the way people design products and services. For example, search engine results are changing rapidly to incorporate voice requests. With this rapid evolution of consumers, a delay has naturally set in in the practices of companies. This imbalance has given rise to new branches of marketing, namely Voice Marketing and Voice UX (VUX).

How to think about your vocal experience (VUX)? …

Creating a voice assistant: important prerequisites.

Before starting a voice project, which you are surely about to do if you are reading this article, it is necessary to prepare well in advance. Indeed, to create a voice assistant or a voice interface, with or without VDK, one requires some methodology.

First of all, it is important to clearly frame the use cases that need to be developed in order to offer the most efficient and pleasant user experience for the user (whether an employee or an end customer). Defining these functionalities allows us to estimate the resources required (time, technologies…) for their implementation.

Furthermore, the VDK…

The most common means of human communication is speech. It is defined as the expression of thoughts and feelings by articulating sounds. Naturally, we can communicate much more with our voices than through text. An average person can write about 50 words per minute, while he can say much more: about 150.

However, our communication is not just a count of how many words per minute we speak. In speech, the context (sequence of words), the audience, the mood of the speaker and several other factors matter. That is why speech is complex and complicated. …

Laurent Scherschel

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